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Chamber Ensemble Audition Results

Posted on May 26, 2015 at 3:45 PM

Chamber Ensemble Recommendations 15-­16


Josephine Davis

Corbin Maroney

Charity Lane

Jenne Weeks


Emily Bennett

David Kennedy

Lauren Boyd

Quinton Williams

Paul Huff

Bass Clarinet

Shannon McSeveney

Alto Sax

Ashley Rickens

Alexa Nagel

Tenor Sax

Noah Brown

Bari Sax

Ben Treynor (I may need you for alto on some songs, too.)


Evan Grant

Richie Geib

Alli Moore

Darian Huff

Mara Eagle


Kaitlin Adkins


Quinn Santucci

Zadien Gattison


Maddie Barker


Adam Siddiqi

Maureen Treynor


Tori Bennett

Ashton Wolford

Luke Peart

Josiah Kennedy

Raven Large

Jacqueline Lauer

*Member names are listed in placement order with section leaders at the top of the list.

**I reserve the right to add or subtract students from the list or move them around in the section at any time.

***This list is my r​ecommendation​for who should be placed in chamber ensemble for the 2015­2016 school year. We are going to try very hard to avoid any scheduling conflicts that would prevent you from participating in this group. However, there is a chance you may have a class that conflicts with chamber ensemble and you will be asked to make a choice between the two. Every effort will be made to prevent this as you have all worked hard to gain membership into this elite ensemble.

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