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2016 All-State Ensembles - audition information

Posted on March 18, 2015 at 11:45 AM

Ohio Music Education Association 2016 All-State Ensembles

Ohio Music Education Association 2016 All-State Ensembles Website



2016 Professional Conference • Cincinnati • January 27-30, 2016

Coordinator – Kathleen McGrady

Band Chair – Brett Benzin 

Choir Chair – Kent Vandock

Jazz Ensemble Chair – Brandon DuVall 

Orchestra Chair – Matthew Yoke




OMEA continues the use of online applications for the 2016 All-State Ensembles. Please be aware the online application does not change how recordings are made, only how applications and recordings are submitted. To get started please go to and follow the “2016 All-State” link where you will find audition requirements and further instructions. You will need the following items to apply:

1. Student and parent e-mail addresses.

2. Digital recordings of required etudes/solos/scales/warm-up (as listed below)

3. Your director’s contact information

4. Your director’s 9-digit NAfME identification number

5. A credit card for the $10 application fee (paid to Acceptd)






March 1: Application and audition material available.

May 31: Deadline for all applications to be submitted. Please carefully note the specific etude and performance requirements. They are all different for 2016.

August 31: Notification of results to applicants and directors.

September 30: Due date for acceptance form and membership fee of $250 (includes hotel lodging and 5 meals).

All participants must stay in the All-State housing hotel (4 people to each room).



Each student (after announcing name and voice part) should record a vocalization (any vocal warm-up exercise) of the student’s choice that best demonstrates the extent of his/her range from bottom to top. Next, record a solo from the OMEA Class “A” or “B” list.


Each student (after first announcing name and instrument) will next record all required Etudes as listed below and next record a Solo from the OMEA Class “A” or “B” list. Note that percussionists are required to record all three etudes (snare, timpani and mallet), then record a solo (OMEA Class “A” or “B”)…(New as of 2015 auditions)…on a keyboard instrument. See details below for further specifics.



FLUTE: Selected Studies for Flute by Voxman: Pub. By Rubank, p, 21 and p. 51

OBOE: Selected Studies for Oboe by Voxman: Pub. By Rubank, p. 10 and p. 38

CLARINET Bb and Eb: Selected Studies for Clarinet by Voxman: Pub. by Rubank, p. 6 and p. 51

CLARINET ALTO, BASS, CONTRA: Advances Studies from the Works of J. Weissenborn: arr. Rhoades: Pub. by Southern, #3 (p. 2) (Contra only), #13 (p. 9) (Alto/Bass only) and #22 (p. 17) (ALL Low Clarinets)

BASSOON: (New Book as of 2013 Auditions) – Catalogue #CU96
Method for Bassoon by J. Weissenborn, #2 (p. 115), #26 (p. 132-133)

SAXOPHONE: Selected Studies for Saxophone by Voxman: Pub. by Rubank , p. 19 and p. 34-35. (Play ALL of page 34 and the first 4 measures plus 1 note of page 35)

TRUMPET: Selected Studies for Trumpet by Voxman: Pub. by Rubank, p. 13 and p. 32

FRENCH HORN: Prepatory Melodies to Solo Work by Pottag: Pub. by Belwin, #10 (p. 5), #38 (p. 15), #92 (p. 37)

TROMBONE AND EUPHONIUM: Selected Studies for Trombone by Voxman: Pub. by Rubank, p. 11 and p. 36. All Euphoniums, both treble and bass clef, must play the trombone etudes. These may be rewritten into treble clef if desired. The Concert Key (Sounding Pitch) must be maintained.

BASS TROMBONE: 24 Studies for Bass Trombone by Grigoriev/Ostrander: Pub. by International Music: #1 (p. 2) and #10 (p. 12) NOTE: In order to audition for this position, players must use an instrument with the minimum equipment of an “F” attachment and a .525 or larger bore size.

TUBA: 70 Studies for BB flat Tuba by Blazevich, Vol. No. 1: Pub. by Robert King, #16 (p. 15) and #41 (p. 50 – first page only). If selected for participation, All-State Tuba Players are expected to use/borrow an upright tuba as opposed to a bell-front tuba or sousaphone.

PERCUSSION: All players will audition using all three of the following instruments:

Keyboard: (could be played on xylophone or marimba) – (New Book as of 2015 auditions) Fundamental Method for Mallets, Book 1 by Mitchell Peters: Pub. by Alfred, Ab Major Reading Study #1, Page 108.
Timpani: The Solo Timpanist by Vic Furth: Published by Carl Fischer, Etude XVII (p. 31)
Snare: (New Book as of 2015 auditions) – Advanced Snare Drum Studies by Mitchell Peters: Pub. by Try Publishing Company, Etude #7, pages 14-15.

New Percussion Requirement as of 2015 auditions: The required Class A or B Solo must be on a keyboard instrument. It can be played on either xylophone, vibraphone or marimba. Two or four mallets, accompanied or unaccompanied is acceptable.



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